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  Aukcja: The Historical Atlas of Poland (86) (numer: 216497974)
Aukcja: The Historical Atlas of Poland (86)
Kategorie: /Księgarnia/Książki naukowe i popularnonaukowe/Historia, archeologia
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Data wystawienia: 2019-02-11 23:49:00
Data końca: 2019-02-14 23:49:00
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The Historical Atlas of Poland

The Historical Atlas of Poland

The Historical Atlas of Poland is a collective work. The final shape of the Atlas is the result of the work of specialists. Reviewers who made valuable suggestions. as well as of editors and employees of the Production Department of the Cartographic Publishers in Wrocław. The Atlas is destined for all those who are interested in the history of Poland.
The principal task of the Atlas is to illustrate the political history of the Polish State, its development and territorial changes. To bring this history closer to the reader many maps and drawings were introduced, depicting the various episodes in the history of Poland. Since it is our wish that this Atlas should give full possibilities to learn about our history, economic, cultural and even social problems of Poland were taken into consideration, too Gato.
Maps presenting territorial changes in the various historical periods permit the reader to learn about the evolution of Poland's frontiers. make it clear that it was after the Second World War that Poland returned to her historical state frontiers from the limes of the Piast dynasty, frontiers that are most advantageous for our country.
The principle was adopted for the maps of the Atlas consistently to use the same colour for a given state. The drawings of various cartographic elements have been unified. This will make it easier to remember and avoid constant reference to explanations. Symbols, signs and colours are explained for each map, except for those elements, repeated in maps appearing alongside. In this manner could be avoided too involved and long inscriptions and legends.
As is the custom in historical maps use was made of the traditional Polish names. as they were in a given period. To facilitate the use of the Atlas an information about maps is given at the end. To avoid misunderstandings it should be made clear that the purpose of these explanations is not to take the place of a history textbook. but they serve only as a complement to the content of the map. In connection with this they differ. are more extensive in the case of more difficult maps. in the case of others they are limited to the most important information or there even may be none at all. There is a list of places at the end of the Atlas which facilitates

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